"To find, create and promote the very best ideas for a more peaceful and harmonious planet."
It has come to our attention, that you have way too many religions. Many have contributed much to the misery and violence on your planet. To rectify this situation, the first step we need to take is to create a new church based upon universal laws. This church will be different because it will be all inclusive. We work for the benefit of the planet and all of its inhabitants.
Current membership status:
 7 billion people or whatever the world population is at any time. 

Estimated time of completion: 
When no more new information can possibly be obtained or when the universe comes to an end.

When does membership begin? 
At the point of conception.

Rules of conduct: 
Be kind to each other and the planet.

The list below features items that we  don't  have.

 No buildings
No holy books, (all books are holy)
No savior or saviors
No messiahs
No prophets
No imams
No pope
No priests
No nuns
No ministers
No ayatollahs
No monks
No reverends
No evangelists
No gurus
No sacred or holy places. the whole world is holy and sacred.
No sermons to attend
No bowing
No genuflecting
No kneeling
No sacrificing
No self-flagellation
No tithing

The main reason we have decided to eliminate religious leaders is because we have found none to have the qualifications to lead mankind in their spiritual growth. Should any of them wish to participate in the future all they have to do is go through the  World Leadership Course

If you wish to go to a building to visit with your friends, that's one thing, but to go to any building to worship a being that most of you apparently don't understand, is a waste of time. The Supreme Being does not require worship..You would be better off taking your family on a picnic or better yet, take them out to pick up refuse on your roads and highways.

There are those who are so misguided about this notion that it simply boggles ones mind. How do you excommunicate someone from a church that supposedly represents the Supreme Being, who happens to be omnipresent? Do any of you really understand the meaning of omnipresence? So because we understand the notion of omnipresence, we know that you cannot be excommunicated from this church. We wonder who or whom the other churches represent?

There is nothing any individual could say that would in any way be considered heresy by this church. Unfortunately to the uneducated and unaware just about everything is heretical or blasphemous.

Note: For an individual to be full member, and receive all that we have to offer, a belief in the existence of a Supreme Being is not required. The Supreme Being knows that He exists and could care less whether you believe in Him or not! 


We work for the benefit of everyone, we are not judgmental. We do not seek fame or fortune. In the eyes of the church, all of humanity is of equal importance.

We're here for the sole purpose of rebuilding your world. The end result of our efforts will be to create a world where every man, woman, and child can share in what this planet has to offer.

We're going to attempt to make a few changes with or without your help for the benefit of everyone. 

Some of you will immediately know what this is all about. For others, it will take time to figure out the mystery.

We take no sides in any of your disagreements, some of you have been acting pretty silly lately, more like children actually.

We hope there will be a few grownups out there to assist us in building your new world. 

The attitude for many seems to be, "My country is not only better than yours, we also deserve more than your nation and your people". Or we have this one, "My god is bigger and better than yours and if you don't agree with us we will kill you" and we can justify that because it says so in our "holy book". Do these sound familiar to you? 

Humanity has an opportunity to become far greater than it is now. Much will depend on how much your current leaders will get out of our way or become educated enough to play a role in this transition. This is something you do not have at this time. We do have a course called 
The World Leadership Course , a course that will remedy that situation. 

We will be coming in the front door, the back door or any other door available.This means that we have the ability to present what we have to the average individual. This is just in case the news media, for what ever reason, refuses to cooperate for the benefit of all humanity. Cooperation and lack there of will be communicated to the masses, by the means of 
Messages to the World .

Let those who have eyes, see, let those who have ears, hear. None are so blind as those who will not see, or so deaf as those who will not hear.

Because we are builders, not writers, you may find a few mistakes here and there on this web site. Do not let a few grammatical mistakes keep you from learning things.

Even though we do not have the words to accurately describe what this is all about. Perhaps we can do a better job to what this is by using music. We invite you to listen to Equinoxe by Jean Michael Jarre. Listen to it with the volume fairly high to get the full benefits of what this project sounds like. If you like classical you might try Beethoven's Piano Concerto No 5 or his 9th Symphony. Mozart's Piano Concerto No 20. Kitaro's Oasis is also a very good piece of music for you to get some idea of what this is all about. Music may give you a sense of what is behind the church. 

Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream will help you as will Glen W. Turner's Challenge to America.  These are both available on CD's.

There are so many you can choose from, with the above you can get a general idea of what we are about.

We're going to need a lot of people to get this job done as our objective is World Peace.

Have you ever wondered what the word PEACE really means? Below is our definition of what we think it means.


.Which ever you prefer, both words work
We can give you the tools to get there but in the final analysis, it's going to be up to you. People of planet Earth what kind of planet do you want?

Please be aware of the fact that we are looking for a group of Master Builders. If you think you are one of them go to the 
World Leadership Course  to see if you are qualified. Instructions to follow, If we have to explain it to you, you are not a qualified Master Builder.

What you see on this site so far is but the tip of the iceberg of what we have to share with you. We are waiting for others to catch up. If you like what you see use all the knowledge you have to let others know about their church. If you are involved in the news media use that method. If you are on facebook, twitter or any other sites where you communicate with others, use those means. Time is of the essence, if you were a qualified Master Builder you would understand this!

At present we see your world as a remodeling project, a small change here, some tweaking there. However, if you wait too long we may have to start from scratch and that ladies and gentlemen won't be a very nice process for you.

On the drawing board
A general outline for a world government. 
 A requirement to any future progress of the human race and the planet.
The time will come when all nations will have work together for the benefit of all of your citizens.
An example of this already exists on your planet, it just needs a little tweaking.

A world flag
To be flown higher than all others.
Already done but not yet ready for distribution.

A world pledge of allegiance

A personal problem-solving process
Designed for those who, for what ever reason, prefer to solve their own problems.
Not quite ready.

To those of you who visit this site and like what you see, tell as many people that you know or don't know, inform them that there is a new player at the world table.  

The World Wide Church of the Supreme Being
"On the side of humanity and the planet." 

More to come