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I am a prostitute am I going to hell for this?
No, prostitution is not a sin, there is really nothing you can do to offend the Supreme Being. The only thing you have to be careful of is how you treat others and the planet. Besides all that hell does not exist, Having said that, it may not be the best way for you to make a living.

Is there any group or church you won't help? 
No, as you are all children of the Supreme Being, we see no distinction between people.

Do I have to pay dues or membership fees? 

If I "mess up" can I ever be excommunicated from this church? 
The answer is an unequivocal, no.This threat that so many churches use is not only impossible but laughable at the same time. This idea, in a universal sense simply does not make sense.

Is there anyone that can't be a member? 
No! We are all children of the same Being.

What happens to me after I die? 
Based on all the research, we have been able to gather we have narrowed it down to the one that makes the most sense. At the point of death you, your soul, your essence or that which animates you, will continue to exist. It's something like getting out of an old suit. Einstein's theory that of "energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only transmute" applies here. A soul is a point of energy, all of your knowledge and experiences will go with you. The saying of "you're never too old to learn" most definitely applies here.This is the only area where you can and do actually take it with you.

After this occurs your soul will be judged, not by the Supreme Being, but by you and a panel of your peers. Everything you have ever done in your life is dutifully recorded in what is called the Akhasic record. This process will include all of your good deeds and bad deeds. Your next incarnation or adventure as we like to call it will depend on the extent of your good deeds and bad ones.

Good deeds give you the right of free will to the extent of your being able to choose where you would like to go in your next incarnation. 
Too many bad deeds you lose your right of free will and you will be sent somewhere to atone for what you have done. We can assure you that Hitler and Stalin and all others who have done terrible things to humanity are not having a good time. It now looks as if we have another individual in the Middle East (Syria) who will be keeping Hitler and Stalin etc, company for some lives to come.

Do I have to be an active member? 
No! If you see something here you like or need, use it! This is the beauty of our church. It's always open, it's always free and always there for you whenever you need it. No pop ups, no advertising. No asking for money. Perhaps you would like to be like the humming bird. Flitting in and out getting the nectar when you need it.

What is the difference between this church and all the others? 
This church is always ready to receive new information for the benefit of all. Most other religions are afraid of anything that might usurp their power over you, This is where they step in with threats of excommunication, or worse yet they issue a fatwa against someone. This church will never do that.

How long does a karmic debt last? 
There appears to be a great deal of confusion on that subject. A karmic debt could be paid in an instant. A good example here would be a child who miscarries in the womb. The child has done a service to the parents (we don't always know what the lesson is) and its mission has been completed. It could take half a lifetime or a whole lifetime. In the case of a Hitler, a Stalin or an Assad there will be many lifetimes of misery for them. It all depends on the severity of the crime committed. This has been a mistake the Hindus have been making for a long time. Just because you are born in poverty doesn't mean you have to stay there.

What is the church's position on abortion? 
Abortion at any time after conception is murder. We cannot be more clear on that. Those who have rationalized this act as a woman's right to choose do not realize that at the point of conception the soul is there. By killing the fetus you are depriving that soul its' right of existence and expression. Chances are you have really upset the soul and at some point in time you will suffer the consequences of your despicable treatment of this soul. Those who perform these abortions are just as guilty as those who ask for these procedures.

Abortions should not be performed even in the case of rape or incest. If that was a reason to abort (kill) a fetus than why not kill the children of the young lady who was kidnapped and raped and now has grown children by her captor. Or in the case where the father committed incest with his daughter who also has grown children. Why don't you just kill them now?

As a warning to all who continue this killing procedure do not be surprised when violence or some misfortune comes your way. It could be in this lifetime or the next, chances are pretty good that it will happen.

As you can see on this point we agree with our members in the Catholic church. On contraception and prevention we totally disagree. Contraception should be provided to any girl or woman of child bearing age free of charge. This would prevent the necessity of abortions wouldn't it? It would also curb the population explosion. We think that the Catholic church's position in this matter is totally irresponsible and is based largely on events which occurred in the distant past which the leaders of the church still do not understand. 

Is it OK in the eyes of the Supreme Being to be rich? 
Of course it is, it is not luck that brings good fortune to an individual it is the result how those individuals conducted themselves in past lives. The problem for many who have attained great wealth is that they have forgotten how they happen to have become wealthy and then justify living a flamboyant lifestyle not to mention abusing the power they have obtained.. This activity requires another lesson which you will get to experience in your next life. 
Let's say an individual has put together some big deals and in turn makes hundreds of millions of dollars then wastes his wealth and buys a hundred million dollar yacht. This is being wasteful, not a sin of course, but this person will not be afforded such responsibility in his or her next life. 
On a smaller scale one can abuse wealth by running your car all day in the winter, this is another form of waste. Little things big things all make up how you will spend your next incarnation. Perhaps those with great wealth should take a lesson from Warren Buffet who still lives in the same modest house he purchased years ago. 
There is nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of ones labors but take care not to over do it. Your thinking should always be how can I be of service to those less fortunate? 
Or, how can I make this world a better place for me to come back to? This question is perhaps the most important of all. If you spend all of your money on yourself and not on building a better world, your next incarnation will most likely be the slums of Calcutta. The whole structure of society should be spent on the creation of a better world for all to come back to. 

Does power fit into the same category? 
Yes it does, it is a very strange phenomena you have on this planet. On this planet, for some bizarre reason, those who have great power tend to abuse it in the form of suppressing their citizens, and even killing them for disagreeing with their policies. 
Although we are not exactly sure of what the punishment will be for the abuse of power, you can be sure of one thing the abuser of power will not have any in their next incarnation.

Are the Russians paranoid? 
Of course they are. Who can blame them?. We cannot blame Russia for being slightly paranoid after the devastation of World War l and ll. To lose millions of your citizens because some nut case wants to rule the world who can blame them? The little excursion into communism was to be expected but doomed to fail, but what is particularly puzzling was when Gorbachef (we get a little tired of constantly hearing how Reagan stopped the cold war) stopped the whole insane process. Then the west promptly invited some of these nations into NATO, why didn’t the west invite Russia to join NATO? Why not invite the Russians to assist in making life safer for all mankind? Let's not stop there, how about inviting China?

What should be the role of nations? 
Now that is the simplest question of all, the role of all of the mighty nations of the world, is to protect the lives and property of lesser nations. The tendency in your history has been to become powerful then start taking over lesser nations. Why do you do that? Great nations become greater by serving and protecting those less powerful, National interest should not a factor in protecting those who are weak.

What about the United Nations? 
For your world to survive changes will have to made in how the United Nations is set up. The days of a few nations having veto power will have to disappear, a new order will have to instituted. The best scenario would be to set up a world government loosely based on the United States of America. You have a president and vice president of the world, elected by all the people of the world. You will have a congress elected by all the people in the same way as it is done in America with the more populated states (countries) having more representation than others. To offset this representation you will have a world senate, as in America each state has two senators no matter how big or small the state is this would hold true for all the nations of the world, equal representation in the world senate.

The reason the United States of America was created was to show the world how a world government could work, It has been a pretty good success, now all you have to do is to get rid of you foolish nationalism and make it work. 

We hate to burst your bubble America but you are not the shining light you think you are. One of your commentators on Fox happened to brag about the high living standard Americans have. Our question to you is, at whose expense?

How will you stop greed and corruption?
By making everyone who deals with the general public take the  World Leadership Course,  the course is devised in such a way as to prevent people from doing negative things to themselves and to others.This obviously includes religious leaders as many of them are too ignorant to even be listened to but because they have charisma people tend to gravitate to them. Beware of those who have a great amount of charisma, remember Jim Jones, David Koresh and of course we should not forget Hitler and Stalin.

Had you forced all bankers to go through the course your banking debacle would not have occurred. Had Bernie Madoff taken this course he would not have defrauded his investors. It's that powerful!

The problem for way too many of you, you don't know the rules of the game. So you just keep screwing up and hurting yourself and other people as a consequence.

There is an ingredient in our course that when a person goes through it, whatever baggage they have will disappear or if they have bad intentions they will not be able to finish the course. You will be tested and you cannot fake your way to a leadership position no matter how smart you think you are.

Do you have a plan for world peace? 
Of course we do, wouldn’t be much of an organization if we didn’t, would we? All will be revealed in due time. Everything is ready, waiting for the right people to take charge. We think your world leaders are already here just waiting, biding their time. 

We ask you not to become to impatient or pessimistic, everything is in place.

Is there a difference between the god or gods most religious people worship and the Supreme Being? 
Oh yes and then some, why is it you haven’t figured this out yet? The gods of your religions don't come close to resembling the Supreme Being. If you have not done so yet refer to the section on Messages from the Supreme Being.

Is there anything, any information that may be discovered on the planet or elsewhere that can threaten this church? 
No, we can't think of any but we're afraid this may not hold true for your existing religions, perhaps this is why most religions don’t spend a lot of time searching for the truth and when people do come up with something that threatens them they're either very mum on the subject or as in too may cases, you’re liable to get your self killed.

This church, on the other hand, welcomes any and all new information that might help mankind live a better life, as a matter of fact, we will be actively pursue any and all information which might benefit humanity.

We would hope that the day will come when all religions will unite with the Supreme Being as the head of everything. We hope sooner than later.

Who’s side are most religions on?
If you belong to a mainstream religion chances are, you are on some god’s side and not on humanity’s side, religions, as you will see, have very little to do with the Supreme Being. The evidence clearly shows that the gods of your holy books don’t really care much about human beings, it appears to be more of a master slave arrangement.

Is there any book the church considers holy.
This church does not recognize any books to be more holy than any other, yet, no book should ever be burned, destroyed or removed from library shelves, just because someone thinks it to be offensive, no matter how controversial it might be. All books come from the Source.

There are wisdom and knowledge in all books. The loss of but one book is a loss for all of humanity, we only have to consider the library of Alexandria, when that burned, thousands upon thousands of scrolls were lost containing information gathered from all over the ancient world, a great loss caused by an accident.

What is particularly painful for humanity, is when, individuals, governments or religions burn materials which they think might be detrimental or threatening to their long held cherished beliefs. Any kind of destruction of knowledge no matter how silly or threatening should never be burned or destroyed and should be considered a worse crime than burning one’s flag as a sign of protest.

Even though a flag is an important symbol it does not contain information as a book does. A perfect example of misguided zealotry in action was the systematic burning of Mayan books by catholic priests. Fortunately, some books did survive thanks to some rebellious priests, which have been used to decipher Mayan traditions and culture. 

Consider this little known fact, no book ever written, any book coming off the presses in the present or any book that will ever be written in the future can ever harm, threaten or provoke the Supreme Being, on the other hand it might mess with your current religion and belief systems and you have to weigh that in your mind. If your religion is easily threatened you must know you’re not standing on a very strong foundation. The stronger and wider your base the less chance there is of you becoming upset with what someone says about your religion.

Always remember in books as in life, nothing is either good or bad, only your mind makes it so.

Did Jesus die on the cross for my sins? 
No, not only did he not die for you, the whole idea of someone dying for your sins is unrealistic, irresponsible, and makes no rational sense whatsoever. It is a totally ridiculous notion. It gives individuals an excuse for their miserable behavior, knowing they can go to a confession of sins or knowing they can accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and ask him to forgive them. The universe just doesn't work that way folks.  

What should be done with the world religions? 
Dump them. Humanity would be better off if all the religions you have were gotten rid of. Our advice to humanity is to start from scratch. Begin building your very own belief system and base it upon universal laws.

How can I be sure I elect the right politician or follow the right spiritual leader.
The simplest of answers is to ask him how much of the world leadership course he or she has completed. If it clearly shows they have not done much with the course vote or follow someone else.
More to come!