"To find, create and promote the very best ideas for a more peaceful and harmonious planet."
Messages from the Supreme Being
1. I can take a joke, I can be made fun of,
and I can be blasphemed, no harm should befall those who do these things.

2. Do not confuse Me with lesser beings.

3. I am omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Why do you have so much trouble with the last one?

4. All men and women of all races are equal in my sight.

5. I gave you free will, therefore,
you have the right to accept or reject Me.

6. If you decide to reject Me no harm will come to you.

7. I do not require you to bow down and worship Me.

8. I do not require or need your adoration.

9. If you search for Me in your so called holy books you will not find Me.

10. I do not need to be glorified.

11. I do not need to be praised, save your praise for each other.

12. I do not play favorites.

13. There are no chosen people.

14. I did not send anyone to die for your sins.

15. The theories of creation and evolution are both correct.

16. The path to peace and harmony is through universal awareness.

17. There are no holy or sacred places on your planet. Your whole planet is holy.

18. I have given you tools and knowledge to solve your problems, why are you not using them?

19. I do not require you to sacrifice anything for or to Me.

20. I did not, do not do so now, nor will I ever speak to anyone in a dessert.

21. All books ever written or will be written, cannot contain Me or threaten Me.

22. Heresy does not trouble Me in the slightest, it is a foolish notion.

23. With all your getting get some understanding.

24. I did not create a heaven for "good" people and a hell for "bad" people.

25. If you wish to have a greater understanding of Me, study all of your sciences.

26. There is no such thing as the Antichrist.

27. Predestination is wishful thinking on the part of those who believe in it.

28. I do not allow a devil to exist just to make your life miserable or to test your faith.

29. Heaven is for the living not for the dead.

30. I do not reward violence against any of My children with a trip to paradise.

31. I did not dictate your so called holy books.

32. I did not accept a sacrifice from Abel, nor did I reject a sacrifice from Cain.

33. I did not speak to Moses through a burning bush.

34. I did not give Moses the ten commandments.

35. You do not have to go through Jesus or any other "holy" person to get to Me.

36. I am not cruel or vindictive.

37. I do not punish people.

38. I cannot and will not violate My own universal laws.

39. I have infinite patience, knowing you will all come to your senses in this life or the next.

40. The life you find yourself in today is directly connected to reincarnation and its karmic effects.

41. All knowledge and ideas come from Me.

42. I do not sit on a throne.

43. I am not supernatural, failure to understand something does not make it supernatural.

44. I do not judge, your peers do that.

45. I did not cause the plagues in Egypt.

46. I am so big and you are so small, what can you possibly do to offend Me?

47. Armageddon has nothing to do with Me.

48. I did not cause the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

49. No matter what kind of a mess you have made, you will always have another chance with Me.

50. I did not promise anyone a promised land. Those who lived there were My children too.

51. I did not ask Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, to Me.

52.I did not create Adam and Eve as it is related in your "holy" books.

53. Reincarnation is a universal law as effective as the law of gravity.

54. You do not need someone to intercede with Me on your behalf.

55. There is no such thing as rapture or being left behind.

56. Revelations is not to be taken seriously by anyone who has even a little intelligence.

57. I do not cause diseases or natural disasters to punish people.

58. I am both the creator and the created of all that is.

59. I cannot return because I have never left and will always be here.

60. For as long as the universe continues to expand you will not have all the answers.

61. Stop pretending that any one of you has all the answers.

62. You are all supreme beings, identical to Me, the only difference is that you are just a little bit smaller.

63. I am the Macrocosm and you are a microcosm of Me.

64. You are not a bunch of wretches or sinners.

65. I am in you and you are in Me, you can never be disconnected from Me.

66. I am not your lord.

67. I am not your king.

68. I do not require you to surrender your will to Me.

69. Be ye fruitful and multiply is not one of My directives.

70. I do not need to be feared.

71. I do not care if you are lesbian, gay, transvestite or straight, as long as you do no harm to others.

72. I do not care if you are Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu or any other religion for that matter.

73. I do not care if you are the most devout believer or the most ardent atheist.

74.The Pope is not my personal representative on this planet.

75. I do not care if you hate Me, ignore Me, and you are absolutely convinced I do not exist.

76. I did not walk with Abraham discussing the future of Sodom and Gomarrah.

Questions to all religious and spiritual leaders.
Are you for or against humanity? There appears to be some doubt about that.

How much longer are you going to keep My children in the dark?

Perhaps a better question should be, how much longer will you stay in the dark?