"To find, create and promote the very best ideas for a more peaceful and harmonious planet."

We have some messages for humanity, please see to it that they get to the proper individuals, governments, corporations and institutions they are addressed to. Or just let them know they have a message or messages waiting. We suggest that you visit this page often, you never know when there might be a new message for you or one to send along to someone else.
There may be times when there will be more than one message to an individual or group, be sure to check all the message in case you might have missed one.

Message to our members.
Stand tall, bow down to no one and nothing, you are all children of the Supreme Being. Be proud of yourselves, consider all that has been done to you, yet you have survived. Never think that you are better than someone else as this idea is only temporary, never think that you are less than someone else as this idea too, is only temporary.

You have been lied to and manipulated to believe things that simply are not true. You are a great species even though your actions to each other seem to prove otherwise. We think that there is hope for you and we are confident, in spite of all that has been done to you, that you will persevere. If not, and this may come as a surprise to you, you'll get to do it all over again. Won't that be fun? 

When you finally get to the realization that those you trusted to lead and guide you have been lying to you, be kind to them. Do not be violent towards them.

Message to all Christians and their spiritual leaders. 
Instead of serving your god, (who doesn't need it) or worshiping Jesus (who doesn't want it), we thought it might be more productive all around to serve your fellow man and maybe go out and help clean up your planet.

Message to all Muslims and their spiritual leaders. 
We have read the book The Satanic Verses, and found no threat to the stature of the Supreme Being what so ever. We are not sure what your problem is concerning this book.

Message to all our members in the political arena. 
Have you finished The World Leadership Course yet, we cannot support your effort to run for office if you have not finished it. The time for your self enrichment at the expense of those who elected you is over. Better get used to it because changers are coming.

Message to Donald Trump. 
Could you finish your speeches with God bless America and the World. Instead of just God bless America. It would make our job a little easier if we can show the rest of the world that the President of the United States cares about people other than Americans.

Message to the Chinese government. 
Are you absolutely sure you want to continue occupying Tibet? We don't think it is in your best interest to stay there. By the way have you found what your looking for yet?

Message to NATO. 
Why don't you invite the Russians to join your club. Maybe they won't be so paranoid any more because they have every good reason to feel that way. Obviously the way they are acting it's going to be hard to welcome them. Perhaps if they get out of Georgia, Syria and any place else they have butted into, they could be members.

Message to the United Nations. 
Get some teeth. Do some revising and eliminate all the members with this ridiculous veto power. It is your job to protect those who are weak and helpless from tyrants, and religious fanatics. The purpose of the strong nations is to protect the inhabitants of weaker nations. As long as you have a few nations who block actions because of their own selfish interests, you are no more than a paper tiger.

Message to Americans. 
It is time to get off your high horse and stop being the biggest pigs at the world trough. As long as you think you are superior and more deserving than the rest of the world, you will continue to have problems. Where did your silly entitlement notion come from?

Message to our Christian, Muslim and Jewish members who worship a god or gods.
Even though we respect your right to worship what ever you like, we are somewhat puzzled about why you want to be slaves. It is truly mystifying.

Message to the leaders of Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other religions. 
You seem to know a great deal about your god or gods, but it appears you seem to know very little about the Supreme Being. Why is that? Perhaps you should consider going through The World Leadership Course. 

Message to all Muslim men. 
We would have to think or perhaps hope that all Muslim men do not have this sick attitude towards women as we have recently seen and heard. This message is directed to those who do have this attitude. Even though your religion does not believe in reincarnation, we can assure that it does exists as surely as the law of gravity. This hateful attitude you have towards women will come back to haunt you. We would imagine you will come back as a woman. Won't that be fun? The only sensible thing for you to do is to show the greatest amount of respect towards women thereby eliminating any chance for you to come back as a woman. Begin treating your women as equals, it's as simple as that. 

Message to all Christian men. 
Even though you may not be quite as extreme as Muslim men, you appear to have the same sick attitude as they have. It would be wise for you too to treat your women as equals.

(About the previous two messages. It is important for all women to understand that we do not mean to imply that being a woman is a thing to be ashamed of. Our attitude is quite to the contrary. But for a man, who mistreats women, to then have to live life as a woman, might be the best lesson a for him. Who knows maybe in the life after that, he might become a better man.)

Message to the world. 
It would appear as if this sick and disgusting habit of denigrating women is something that exists all over the world. We would like to suggest to you to stop this immediately, for your sake as well as others.

Message to Americans
We have noticed that many of you would like to rescind Obama care. We wonder how many of you that are against this measure have insurance. Have you become the "I got mine and you can't have yours nation"?

Where is the Republican plan for universal health insurance?

Message to those running for president. 
We hear a lot of talk about how you are going to create jobs. So far all we have heard is talk, empty promises. What are you going to do specifically? There are couple of things you won't be allowed to do in your job creation. You are not allowed to hold a gun to people's head to make them buy stuff. Americans are already too far in debt as it is. We would like to see individuals be debt free. The other item you are not allowed to do is to dirty up the planet with your job creation. What is the point of job creation when you can't breathe the air or your water is not fit to drink? So barring those two items what have you got?

We have one more suggestion perhaps you should all watch Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth". When you are finished with that we have some more assignments for you and maybe you could all become great leaders instead of the mediocre ones we have been watching.

This message will stay because we doubt that the messages will change much in the next election.

Message to all receiving government assistance.
For your sake we sincerely hope that you are not taking money you don't deserve. Remember this, what you take and don't deserve you will have to repay at some point in the future. You have a saying "Paybacks are a Bitch". This will be especially true for you. If you are physically able and you can get a job no matter how low you consider it to be you probably should take the job.

Message to all the hackers in the world. 
What a gift you have, couldn't you use that gift in a more positive way? Perhaps a way to help the world instead of being such a nuisance. We hope, in your hacking, you don't do serious harm to anyone as a result of what your doing. If you do, your next life won't be nearly as much fun.

Message to the those who, at present, rule North Korea. 
Are you watching what is going on in the Middle East? You know that it's only a question of time when your citizens will start to wake up. You still have an opportunity to be revered by your citizens. Give them their freedom now and maybe you will escape their wrath and make you their heroes. There is still time, take the initiative and join the rest of the world before it's too late. Your statues may end up in the dung heap of history. Remember what happened to Saddam Hussein and his statues.

Message to the elderly.
Do not worry about death, as long as you have played the game of life according to universal laws, death is really inconsequential. Think of it as a simple transition, leaving this life for your next adventure. Do not allow those who spread the stupid ideas of hell, fire and brimstone to frighten you. As long as you have done your best not to hurt others or the planet all will be well with you. Do not listen to those who will tell you that you only have one life to live. You have an infinite amount of lives ahead of you. For as long as this universe exists you will also exist. The universe is a fun place once you understand it.

Message to all.
Reincarnation is a universal law whether you believe in a Supreme Being or not. This law ranks right up there with the law of gravity. Lucky for us we have the law of gravity otherwise the whole universe would be in shambles. Unfortunately there are not enough human beings who understand the law of reincarnation, this is why you can't seem to get it together on your planet.

Message to all religious leaders.
This message is for all of you so called spiritual leaders, there is still time for you to simply admit that you have been wrong for so many years and say that you are sorry. If we were you we wouldn't wait too long to do that.

Message to all.
Allah,Yahweh and Jehovah ( we think they could be the same god). If you haven't noticed it already, these gods appear to like humanity but in reality they have very little use for the very people who worship them. These gods are not the friends of humanity as so many of you seem to think. If you're working on behalf of any of these beings, you're most likely not working in the best interest of humanity and the planet. 

A message to all those in the world banking system.
We would, at this time, advise you to consider changing your greedy ways of doing business. If need be and we would prefer not to, we are fully capable of starting a bank. The difference will be that it won't be run by small minded, greedy,and power hungry people. We hope you don't make the mistake of underestimating what we are about. Change your ways now or it will be changed for you. Your choice!

Message to the Dali Lama. 
We were somewhat disappointed to learn that Buddhists have a belief in hell. Hell does not exist, you of all people should know that. We hope you get your country back soon. We will do what we can to make that happen. 

There's a couple of other items we would like to mention that we're puzzled about. What was that monk thinking when he meditated himself to death? Another one we are puzzled about is how it seems that your Buddhist followers are serving your monks. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? The last one we were wondering about is this business trying to  get off the wheel of reincarnation. Why would a person want to do that? The whole universe is built upon the idea of many, many adventures. It's OK to rest for a while but in the long run, this oneness with the Absolute would get to be pretty boring. Just remember how things were when everything was just a primordial atom. You have to admit that was a little boring. Perhaps your monks don't have enough to do. Maybe rolling up their sleeves and clean up the countryside would help them feel better about themselves. Just a thought.

By the way, we enjoyed your book "The Universe in a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality". Your book is one of many books in our World Leadership Course. Your book will be feature as required reading for all current and future leaders.

Message to Christianity.
You have a song in your songbook that, even though it is a beautiful song, it is an affront to us and to humanity. The song is called Amazing Grace. If you wish to continue singing this song you should change the words “That saved a wretch like me”. We take issue with those words because of contrary to your strange thinking, human beings are not wretches.

Message to men in general. 
It has come to our attention that there are men in this world who are not working. Even though their spouses are working it appears the men are unwilling to make their wives a sandwich, go grocery shopping and not bother to make the evening meals. Are we missing something here? How did this happen? Have you men become so all important that you don't have to do this? What weird and stupid thinking has caused this ridiculous attitude? Our advice to all you wonderful female workers let them starve.

For you men it is obvious your attitude is obnoxious and as a reward, you will get to come back as a woman in your next life. Won't that be fun?

As long as we are on this subject, how did it happen that women in this world continue to receive less pay for the same jobs men do? It may be a good idea to rethink this notion.

Message to Assad of Syria. 
Are you sure you want to continue with all this killing? You have now managed to be responsible for the killing of 100,000 of your citizens. This will require at least that many lifetimes of misery to undo. Is hanging on to power worth this price?

Message to other tyrants.
There is still time to change direction. Learn to serve instead of needing to be served.

This message is to those who for whatever reason need to take illegal drugs.
Are you aware of the fact that you are just as responsible for the drug killings as those who pull the triggers? You really are the culprits responsible for the carnage going on in Mexico. When you take a puff of pot or snort some cocaine you might as well be pulling the trigger.

America has two choices, legalize drugs or stop taking them.  Your future lives depend on how and when you solve this problem. Study the Dutch solution to the drug problem.

Message to the Mormons. 
You have some nice buildings in Salt Lake City, your members seem to be nice enough and appear to be sincere. We are however, somewhat suspicious about how you got those tablets. 

The notion that Joseph Smith communicated with some angel is all well and good. Unfortunately for you, the Supreme Being doesn’t work that way. Our question then is from where does your religion come? Maybe it would be a good idea to rethink your position. You could be barking up the wrong tree as it is with so many other religions on your planet. 

The other part of this is the fact that your religion is somewhat similar to Islam. In the way Mohammed and Joseph got their information. Perhaps you should compare notes. 

Message to the Amish. 
Those wild oats your children are sowing are being sowed into other children of the Supreme Being, perhaps it is time to stop this silly practice. Think on this, you and your group are no better or less in the eyes of the Supreme Being than any one else. By and large we think you are good people but your thinking is just a little off the mark.

Message to Royal Dutch Shell and  other corporations doing business in lesser developed countries. 
Treat the indigenous people with respect and dignity, it is, after all their property and even though it might appear that these people don’t appear to be as smart and sophisticated as you are, they are equal members in the sight of the Supreme Being. Would you please clean up the messes you have created, you are poisoning some of children of the Supreme Being. Remember your next life could be with those indigenous tribes. Enjoy!

Message to the people of Israel. 
According to the Supreme Being, you are not the chosen people neither is anyone else. You have no more right to Palestine than anyone else, as a matter of fact we believe that the Palestinians were there before you were and you took this land wrongfully thinking that this was the promised land of old, promised to you by a God, which in time has become highly suspect. 
It all  takes us right back to the Old Testament doesn't it? So the question is, why would the Supreme Being promise an area where some of his children were already living? We think your God is not the Supreme Being. When it comes to being chosen all of humanity is chosen and should be treated with utmost respect.

Message to all.
Holy places, sacred sites, we have  grown weary of all these holy and sacred places. We find them in the Middle East, Ethiopia, Japan, India, and many other places around the world. We say there are no holy and sacred places on this planet, if one place is holy the whole planet is holy. 

We are told that great spiritual events took place at these places, if so, let the archeologists explore these sites with all of their tools and training to find out what is around and under these so called sacred places. Especially the ones in the Middle east. One of the ways to stop the Middle East madness is to find out exactly what happened in, under or around your so called holy places.

It should be obvious to enlightened people around the world that the various religions don’t want you to find out the truth, as the truth itself may destroy long held beliefs and superstitions and then those leaders will not be held in such high esteem and maybe, just maybe, will have to get a regular job like the rest of humanity. No matter what you find, nothing can threaten the Supreme Being. We encourage you to dig away.

Message to the Pope.
How about you let the archeologists and historians into your vaults at the Vatican. We are sure that would be of some interest to all of your members not to mention the rest of the world.

Another message to Muslims. 
Quit killing each other. What is the matter with you people? All of you are children of the Supreme Being. So why are you killing each other? Remember even though you can not offend the Supreme Being, you are still responsible for the lives you are taking.

I, the Supreme Being exist and express myself through you and when you destroy a life you stop Me from expressing myself not to mention you have stopped a soul from fulfilling his or her destiny.

These acts will not go unpunished and I being the Supreme Being, will not be doing the punishing. You see these acts you do, do not really offend Me but you sure offended those people whose lives you took. Your atonement will be to them in future lives.

Again as we have mentioned before, there will be no paradise for you and no virgins either.

Make friends with those you think are your enemies, you might be surprised to see how well your lives will begin to work out.

Message to Christians. 
Now we don’t know if this is wishful thinking on your part, you know, self fulfilling prophecy and all that. We have some bad news for you. There will be no Armageddon, no persecution, no rapture, no devil, no beast, no Jesus to save you because you are not a sinner, so you don’t need saving, and no antichrist.

And would you stop trying so hard to stuff your belief systems down the throats of everyone. The Supreme Being is very capable of fighting His own battles. Now we know that many of you may get a little hateful about the following but we have it on very good authority that Jesus realized later on he might have gotten a little carried away with himself, you know the Jim Jones and David Koresh syndrome, and with so many others through the ages

Instead of simply getting understanding and sharing it with others they became the savior. Jesus has since apologized for that misunderstanding and hopes people will stop praying to him so he can get on with bigger and better things. All your praying keeps him close to this plane of existence. 

The mistaken notion of his own self importance is what got him crucified, that was the only reason for his demise. How so many people on this planet have not figured out this simple truth is beyond us. No one can die for your sins, ever. Your mistakes are your responsibility.

This information has existed for at least fifty years, it’s always been funny as to why no one has bothered to mention it. All of the information we share with you is out there, and none of it is made up. Find it for yourself, then you can make an intelligent decision as to what you want to believe. 

Don’t expect to get any of this from your religious leaders. They are either not looking, therefore lacking a great deal of awareness and are not qualified to guide you in spiritual matters or they know, but are intentionally keeping it from you, either way you lose, they gain. 

Be your own guru or spiritual leader. What never fails to amaze us is how these TV evangelists and so many others can stand there and preach to high heaven about a god that can be contained in one little bitty book but worse than that are the masses for actually buying into what they are saying. Talk about the blind leading the blind. 

Yet at the same time forgetting the fact that there is information in various parts of the world that has not yet been translated and the vast amount of knowledge which we are still in the process of understanding concerning the Supreme Being. This also goes for all of you who stand there every Sabbath whatever you think that to be and proclaim all about what you think you know about the Supreme Being out of one book, this one book could be the Bible,the Koran, or the Torah.

Message to all those who hate gays and lesbians.
If you are one of those people, we suggest that the next time you look in the mirror see your self as a gay or a lesbian, because this is what you will come back as in your next life. So get a good feel for what you will become. Do not misunderstand us, in most cases it is not a punishment but for those who hate gays and lesbians it will be. Keep hating and this will be your consequence. You have to admit this is a pretty clever system.

Message to those who hate blacks.
Do the same exercise as we mentioned above. Only you get to come back as a black person. Enjoy!

Message to those who hate women and consider them inferior.
Men who see women as inferior the same rule applies to you as with the two other examples above. You get to be a woman and know what it feels like to be a woman. The universe works in many wonderful ways, don't you think? 

Message to all the nations of the world. 
We extend a warm hand of friendship to all nations of the world, none of which are more important none of which are less important, none of which are less deserving, none of which are more deserving.
All of your citizens are children of the Supreme Being and should all be treated with respect and dignity befitting a child of the Universe. 

Message to various religions of the world. 
We might as well get right to the point.You screwed up,you know it and we know it. You started with a premise of what a god might be. Than you gathered information to support that premise and pity any one that would defy what you believed to be true.

This is not so bad as any one can make a mistake, but to continue with the lies, using threats of death and persecution not to mention excommunication, this is the main mistake you are all making. 

If you are responsible for the harm done to others because they wouldn’t succumb to your cult like mentality you will have some issues to deal with now and in the next life. You have some serious issues within your various organizations such as why is it you can’t admit you have been wrong about the gods you worship. 

There is more than enough information to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your construct of your god is completely wrong. For many years we have waited for you to admit this, yet you choose to remain silent.

When do you suppose you might break your silence? When do you suppose you might read another book? When do you suppose you might be inclined to take the World Leadership Course? 

Message to the various scientific disciplines. 
Why do you continue to ignore the past? It would seem to us that you too have a tendency to  become like the church leaders and you seem to be reluctant to explore anything which might prove that. 
Is it so bad to admit that you are simply rediscovering ideas that existed in the past? Or is this a result of sheer arrogance on your part. It is a shame that for some reason human beings have such trouble admitting that they have made a serious mistake. This we feel stems from a feeling of intellectual elitism and superiority. We are not scientists. we started with no premise and just gathered information, Through the years of study and contemplation we can tell when something rings true. You give credit to Albert Einstein for giving us the theory of time dilation yet we have never heard you discuss the story of the Island Child. And if you don't know about the Island Child, shame on you.  
There are so many cases of this kind of information from all over the world we wouldn’t have room to put them here. One other item needs to be mentioned, the air force prides itself with being able to arm a jet with a heat seeking missile, a wonderful example of technology, yet we have not heard a word about an ancient weapon given to someone that would seek its prey no matter where it went, sound familiar? This came from a book thousands of years old. If you were willing to step down from your high horses perhaps we could be of some assistance if it is needed, this offer is also extended to the various religious leaders.  
Now, if you are ready to open your minds to new information we suggest you start with our World Leadership Course.

Message to business leaders. 
Legal has to do with the law, and you will pay your debt to society, violate ethics and morality, you have the law of reincarnation to contend with. The universe will exact a price for your behavior.

Message to Buddhists. 
You are on the right track, can we count on you to assist us in creating a better world for future generations?

Message to China. 
Instead of invading Tibet, why not be the protector of Tibet, leave the country and allow the Dali Lama  back in to run Tibet. The chances are you probably won’t find what you’re looking for anyway. We have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for. 

You have become a great nation, you have shown the world what you are capable of with your marvelous presentation of the Olympics and with all that you have going for you. Yet we wonder why you are so afraid to give your people basic human rights? If you are as great and capable as we think you are, not giving your people these rights shows weakness on your part. Your nation is strong with wonderful traditions why not come from strength and see what happens. 

Try being the servants of your citizens instead of rulers, what happens might surprise you in a pleasant way. Keep in mind all the Chinese people are children of the Supreme Being. When you harm one or cause harm to come to one of your citizens you really cause harm to yourself.

We do not think you believe in the notion of reincarnation but it is a law and it will effect you in ways you probably do not understand.

We're quite disappointed with your vote concerning Syria. We hope in the future you will do better than that.

Message to Russia. 
NATO may not let you in their little club, even though you have suffered much in two wars, you have become a great nation capable of doing many positive things for your people and the rest of the world. 

There is a new world order coming, Russia can play a large role in the new order if it wants to. 

We noticed that you bought some ships from France and we just know you're going to use them to help protect the smaller nations around you, aren't you? See what happens when you choose violent means to attain your goals? No ships.

Have to let you know though, we were disappointed in your vote regarding Syria. We're going to be tweaking the way the  United Nations is set up and make a few changes. We know you're looking forward to that. 

Obviously our first tweaking will have to be with the Security Council. We think that the Security Council has way too much power for the proper functioning of the United Nations.

Message to the United Nations. 
Start over, eliminate the power of the Security Council. Give all nations an equal vote. 

Message to all the great powerful and rich nations. 
Help and protect those nations less fortunate than you are. 

Message to all.
All people are welcome, all are equal, men, women, children, blacks, whites, yellow, red or any other color, fat people, skinny people, smart people, dumb people, atheists, agnostics, homosexuals, lesbians, Chinese, Russians, Americans, Europeans, Africans Asians, Australians, Christians, Muslims, and Jews or in other words everyone on the face of this planet are welcome.

Message to all.
The church does not receive any compensation for anything it promotes..

Message to the various corporations who have moved manufacturing to China and other third world countries.
Do you consider the Chinese people somewhat less deserving than the people of other nations? How do you justify this in the name of profits? Why do you not at least come a little closer to reality in pay than what you have now? Why do you have to take advantage of people everywhere you go? Make the wages around the world higher and fairer. For one corporation to have a profit of more than 100 plus billion dollars at the expense of the Chinese people is truly obscene. It may be a good idea to start rethinking what corporations are doing around the world. If you are taking unfair advantage of people anywhere in the world you will be responsible for your actions.

The latest figure is closer to 175 billion and that's just one company.

Message to the news media.
We are genuinely perplexed, are you sure you're in the news business? We have noticed that you have made it extremely difficult for anyone to send you a news item, without asking for way too much information. We would like to suggest you make it a little easier to send you news stories.

Message to all Muslims.
Burning the Koran, a terrible thing, your reaction to it, worse than the actual burning. No book is worth the life of an individual, or your violent reactions. 

Another message to Assad of Syria. 
It appears to be getting worse for you, we hear the count is up to 400,000 plus. four hundred thousand plus lives of total misery. You don't appear to be stupid but do the math. Is one life of luxury worth the price?  
Your numbers are still not quite as bad as Hitler, Stalin or Idi Amin, but you're moving right along aren't you? Just think of it, every time one of your soldiers kills one of your citizens, you can chalk up another life of misery. You might want to think of it as Ground Hog day four hundred thousand times. 

It would be wise for all tyrants, dictators, despots and fanatical religious leaders to consider the repercussions of their actions.

How many have are you responsible for to date? Enjoy your many, many lives of pure misery.

Message to all who illegally download movies, music etc. 
You are no better than common thieves. How would you like it if someone stole $ 10.00 out of your wallet or house for that matter. How do you rationalize this behavior?. Is stealing music a part of your feeling of entitlement? Are you assuming you're going to get away with this? Maybe you should study the universe a little more.

Message to those stealing intellectual property,
You will have to repay those you steal from. It's not complicated people, these are simple rules, why do you have so much difficulty following them? Everything you do is being recorded, isn't that a kick in the ass.

Message to all in the Middle East. 
You are doing well to rid your selves of your tyrants. Yet we are puzzled as to why you are replacing one tyrant with another.

Message to all Christians, Muslims and Jews.
Allah, Yahweh and Jehovah are not friends of humanity. If you are working on behalf of any of these you are most likely an unwitting enemy of humanity and the planet.

Message to all religious leaders.
This message is for all of you so called spiritual leaders, there is still time for you to simply admit that you have been wrong for so many years and say that you are sorry. Maybe your followers will see fit to forgive you.

Message to Christians, Muslims and Jews.
The Bible, The Koran, The Torah etc. etc. are no more holy than "Catcher In The Rye", "Urantia", "Be Here Now", or any other book or for that matter. Do not misunderstand, even though all these books are important none should be considered sacred enough to kill someone for. Whether or not the act was intentional or not. Anyone who burns a book intentionally to prove some point or another is an idiot. 

Message to the wealthy. 
Are you using your wealth to build a better world for you to come back to? We suggest you do. No telling where in the world you might come back to. It could be Bombay, Calcutta or any other place in this universe where you might learn a sense of humility and develop the need to share instead of take. Always remember the life you have now is only temporary. What you do in this life determines where go and what you will be doing.

Message to all.
When should you have known there was something wrong with your religions? Answer:The first time you had to kill someone to protect your idea of a god, not having the slightest idea of what the Supreme Being is.

Message to Americans. 
One word, Whiners. Not only have become you the biggest pigs at the world through, Now you are becoming the biggest whiners about the price of gas. Then you get stupid and blame the president, who has no control over how much it costs to fill up your gas guzzlers. Before you start complaining check out the prices people pay in Europe. 

We think the story about the senator from Florida whining about having to pay $70.00 to fill up his gas guzzler epitomizes the general attitude of Americans about gas prices,

Message to Christians, Muslims and Jews.
To read the Bible is good, to only read the Bible is bad.
To read the Koran is good, to only read the Koran is bad.
To read the Torah is good, to only read the Torah is bad.

Message to all prisoners. 
You have been misled. Contrary to accepted thinking you do not only have one life. You have an infinite amount of lives. So if you find yourself in prison for a crime, put this time to good use. Study, read and take some classes. If you have been partaking in violent antisocial behavior we would suggest you stop. Continuing with this type of behavior only gets more lifetimes of what you're getting now. Just because you spend time in prison does not mean you have paid the victims for your misdeeds towards them. 

What you learn in prison you get to take with you in your next lifetime. Providing of course that you have paid your dues to society and to the victims of your crime.

This is the part that is not very well understood by criminals. What you do in this life must be somehow repaid in the next or in some other lifetime when the opportunity arises for you to do so.

It is a mistake on anyone's part to think they can get away with something. Or use short cuts to get what they want.

The notion of accepting religion and thinking that everything will be OK in your after life is completely wrong. And if you have been following our site you already now that Jesus isn't going to help you.The only way to get back to a better life is by either restitution or forgiveness from those you wronged. You will have plenty of lives to do this but until you do, your lives will be filled with misery. It's a little bit like hell but this is so much better, at least you have a chance to undo what you have done.

Message to all Muslims. 
For someone to burn the Koran is a bad thing. We find your reaction to this offense a thousand times worse. If you have been part of the killings, your next life or lives will not be very happy ones. This type of violence because of a book should not be tolerated under any circumstance. Those of you clerics who seem to approve of this type of violence will be held equally responsible in this or your next life. You really should stop doing that, it puts Muslims and Islam in a very bad light. 

Message to Christians.
Jesus makes a statement where he says "No one can get to the Father but through Me". This statement on the surface seems to make sense but further analysis seems to indicate that Jesus does not have a clue about the true nature of the Supreme Being. This has to do with one word. a word that seems to give religious leaders fits. The word is Omnipresence. There is something wrong here, see if you can figure it out for your selves.

Message to Christians.
In your Bible there is a sentence which does not make sense, see if you can figure out what is wrong with it.The sentence is in Genesis. It goes something like this, "Let us build a temple for the Name of the Lord". 
We are not going to tell you what verse it is, in the hope you might read all of Genesis for your own sake. There is a riddle here perhaps you can figure out what it is.

Message to all.
What does Christianity have to do with the Supreme Being? Nothing!
What does Islam have to do with the Supreme Being? Nothing!
What does Judaism have to do with the Supreme Being? Nothing! 
What does Mormonism have to do with the Supreme Being? Nothing!
We wonder how long it will take for you to wake up. You have been unconscious for a very long time.

Message to the Catholic Church.
Want to keep the perverts out of the priesthood? Make them all take the World Leadership Course. Both current and future nuns and priests. Perhaps it would be better for your nuns to serve the human race instead of Jesus or the Supreme Being, Who, by the way, does not need or want to be served.

Message to Americans. 
You don't have an immigration problem, you have a lazy American people problem and a much too easy welfare system.

Message to all.
Where you are in life is a direct result of actions in this or a past life. Where you want to be in your next life will be the direct result of how you conduct yourself in this life.

Message to all. 
Having watched your world for quite some time now we think that your world would be better off to rid yourselves of your silly religious belief systems.
This suggestion also applies to the religion of Atheism, because your deduction is just about as ridiculous as that of most religions.

Message to Pat Robertson.
Good for you. It is remarkable that at least one religious leader in the Christian community has come to their senses. It is a good start to legalize drugs in this country.

Message to Werner Earhardt.
Thanks for your est movement.

Message to Mikhail Gorbachev.
Thank you for ending that stupid cold war. We don't understand why Reagan seems to be getting most of the credit for this. We understand your role and are grateful for the part you played.

Message to Shirley McClain.
Thank you for your book "Dancing In The Light". 

Message to all.
Everything that exists and everything that will ever exist already exists now. Einstein did not create his theories, they were already there to be discovered. Beethoven heard his great music which was already there to begin with. Everything we have built, all the the things we take so much pride in were all there waiting to be discovered. Steve Jobs merely tapped into the vast storehouse of ideas, he did not create the Ipod it was already there in its entirety waiting to be discovered. So it goes with Google, Facebook, Microsoft. There is nothing you can think of that does not already exist. As it is written in Ecclesiastics "There is nothing new under the sun."

Message to Spain.
Return your ill gotten gains from Peru. Peru should then give an ample reward to those who found the treasure. How do you justify this perpetuation of crimes committed in the New World. The judge who ruled in favor of Spain should be thrown off the bench.

Message to Great Britain.
Return the Falkland Islands to its rightful owners. You stole it from the Argentinians in the first place. Might does not make right.

Message to smokers and others who apparently don't care for themselves, others or the planet.
There was a recent beach cleanup effort, the number one piece of garbage they had to pick up was cigarette butts. Why is it you smokers seem to think the world is your garbage dump? Bill Nye the science guy was absolutely right about smokers being the worst polluters on the planet. 

Throwing a cigarette butt or any piece of garbage on the ground is roughly similar to throwing feces at your mother. Most of you wouldn't do that would you? So why do you do this to the great mother that nurtures, feeds and protects you. If you want to kill yourselves by smoking, go for it, but don't screw up the planet for the rest of the people who live here. If you are going to smoke, strip of the end, which is only paper and tobacco and are bio-degradable, and stick the butt in your pocket or purse.

This message applies to all who mistreat the planet. The universe will have some exciting rewards for those of you who mistreat Mother Earth. The job WALL-E was doing on polluted earth comes to mind. Enjoy your next life or lives!

Message to Putin.
You're making a very serious mistake. Just thought you should know. While you're at it, it would probably be good idea to get out of Georgia too. You really should familiarize yourself with the Akashic record.

Message to all leaders.
Would you like to keep your jobs? We suggest you take the World Leadership Course immediately!

Message to the Pope.
One more trick with Peter's bones and you're liable to get fired.

Message to all.
We are looking for qualified individuals to help run your world, on the small chance you might survive. So far we haven't found anyone that qualifies for any leadership positions.

Message to atheists and true believers.
What is the difference between an atheist and a true believer? An atheist is almost there, the true believer has barely gotten started.

Message to Bill Maher.
Good job on your film Religulous. Perhaps in the future you could tone down the language just a little bit. Keep doing what your doing on your show.

Message to CBS. 
Thank you for giving us 60 Minutes for so many years, We have learned much about your world with all your programs. We hope you will continue with the very important work you are doing.

Message to all those responsible for recording your so called holy books.
We thank them but we have noticed that they have caused a great deal of violence on your planet. It is a shame that these books do not deal with universal truths.

Message to Salon.
Keep doing what you're doing, your articles are very refreshing. We especially liked the articles by Jeffrey Taylor. 
Thank you.

Message to Warren Buffet.
Thank you for showing the rich and the super rich how they should behave. The greed and selfishness by the rich is beyond anything we have ever seen.

The rich should always remember that how they leave the planet is the same one they will come back to and chances are it won't be any very pleasant. Bombay, perhaps Calcutta, there, you will learn your lessons you are obviously not learning now.
Why not help build a better world for all to come back to.

Message to all contemplating abortion.
Abortion is murder! Even if you try to dress it up by calling it by another name. There is no difference to killing a life at the point of conception and anytime there after than killing a person outside of the womb. This is not rocket science people. If you destroy a life after conception you are going to have a very upset individual, which you will most likely meet in one of your next lives. We think that this could be a violent confrontation. 

Have you ever wondered why there is so much violence towards women on your planet? Perhaps you should reconsider abortions and take steps to prevent pregnancies. In this area your religious leaders have fallen flat on their faces. Under no circumstances should an abortion be allowed. Not even in the case of rape or incest or any of the other reasons people come up with. If this nonsensical thinking would be allowed to continue you could justify the killing of adult children who are here as a result of rape or incest.

Message to religions in general.
After studying many of your religions, it clearly shows they have very little to do with the Supreme Being.

Message to all.
The atheist is but a small step from enlightenment, the Christian, Jew and Muslim are many steps away from enlightement.  Others are somewhere in between.

Message to all.
Reincarnation does for human beings what gravity does for the planets, both are immutable and cannot be debated.
Gravity controls the planets to keep everything from flying apart. 
Reincarnation allows individuals to atone for their mistakes and allows for victims to eventually receive justice. Reincarnation eliminates the need for any kind of savior. This law will eventually balance things out.

For those not quite clear on this, consider the following. A Karmic debt can last as short a few seconds or it can last many lifetimes.

Message to all.
The mess you find yourselves in was not entirely your fault. You had a little help. The fact that you are not doing everything humanely possible to solve these problems is.
You have all the information you need to get yourselves out of this mess. Why do you continue to put your head in the sand and ignore what is patently obvious? 
The leaders of your world have chosen to fullfill the obvious statements. None are so blind as those who will not see and none are so deaf as those who will not hear.
You have too many of these types of individuals especially in the areas of religion and politics. If you continue to listen to these people it will most likely not turn out well for your species.

Message to Donald Trump.
Great leaders not only concern themselves with the health and well fare of their constituents but also concern themselves with the health and wellfare of all the people of the world. So far you have not indicated that you are one of those leaders, perhaps you will prove us wrong. For the sake of the world we hope that you do.

Message to all. 
If your religion requires you to wear something special, if you are required to wear your hair a certain way, if you are required to bow down or worship anything, you can be sure it has nothing to do with the Supreme Being.

Message to the American Indian.
Why didn't you build a wall to prevent  those narrow minded Puritans from entering your country?

Message to Blacks.
You are not a stupid race as some would have you believe, why do so many of you choose to act that way?  There is no such word as aks.

Message to Franklin Graham.
Beware of Divine Intervention!

Message to religious and spiritual leaders.
When are you going to stop lying to your followers?

Can 2 billion Christians be wrong?

Can 1.7 billion Muslims be wrong? 

Can 900 million Hindus be wrong?

Can 14 million Jews be wrong?

Question to all the people of this world.
Are there any grown up leaders on your planet? Evidence clearly shows that there are none.

Message to all.
America, the so called greatest nation in the world, if so, why do you have such a terrible drug problem?

Message to all those who voted for Donald Trump.
There is no shame in admitting you have made a terrible mistake. Why not let people know this fact.

Message to Robert Jeffries.
Perhaps you should read a few more books before you spout off about things you seem to know nothing about.

Message to all men.
We don't know what crazy god determined that women were not equal to men. We can assure you that this is not the case. It would be to your advantage to begin treating women as your equals.

Message to all.
You have leaders but at this time you have no great leaders. This can be changed if you so choose.

Message to all religious leaders.
If Stephen Hawkins and any other physicists can come up with a theory that jeopardizes your notion of the being you worship, perhaps it is time for you to get a bigger being.

Message to Shulem  Deen and Jeffrey Tayler.
Continue with your good insights.

To all people of this world.
The purpose of your life is to enjoy every facet of it as much as possible without hurting others or the planet.

Message to the Pope.
You may be the representative of some god on earth, but you are not the representative of the Supreme Being. You do not have the qualifications for that position.

Message to all religious leaders.
You may know much about your gods, but you appear to know squat about the Supreme Being.

Message to all governments.
You have about 7 billion people on your planet, perhaps it would be a good idea to start taking care of them instead of fulfilling your own needs first.

Message to all politicians, world wide.
Why does it look like you're only interested in your own advancement and careers caring very little for the well fare of the citizens you are supposed to represent. 

A clear violation of universal law.

Enjoy the repercussions awaiting you in future lives. Reap what you sow folks. The true meaning of reincarnation.

Message to evangelical Christians.
It is beginning to look like that your are the true obscenity to the Supreme Being and all of His children. I am disappointed in you. You should know better than this.

Message to the world.
You have one little teeny little planet. Why do you have adversaries? It would seem you would be better off to all work together. People who work together seem to accomplish more than those who are constantly warring with each other.

Message to all Christians. 
A clarification: Jesus did not die for your sins. What got him crucified is he got a little big for his britches. You and you alone are responsible for all of your good and bad deeds.

Message to all Muslims.
We don't know why you worship Allah as you do. The thing you may want to keep in mind is what you do for or in the name of this deity.

Allah is not the Supreme Being! We thought you should know this before you kill more innocent people and cause yourselves more harm in the future.

Sorry about this bad news.

Message to Americans.
The only reason you don't have a universal health care system is because most of your politicians are in bed with the health insurance companies. 
Your representatives are smart people, they could figure this out in a second and come up with a plan that would be better than any other plan now in existence in the world.
Get them out of there and soon you could have everyone covered.

Yes, there will be people who will lose their jobs, this doesn't seem to stop Amazon does it?

Message to all suicide and would be suicide bombers.
You are being lied to, no virgins, no paradise. What you kill will be the amount of lives of misery you will get to experience in you future lives.

You will not be alone in these lives, those who talked you into it will also suffer. 

What you sow so shall you reap, you have apparently forgotten that one. Enjoy!

Message to your world.
There is no room for your ridiculous notion of nationalism. We hope you can get that through your thick uneducated heads.

Message to skinheads, white supremacists, klu klux klan. 
What you hate you become. Hate blacks and Jews, guess who and where you will be in your next life. Have fun with your new found identity.

Message to all.
A world with all nations working together in harmony, wins. A world with nations in competition with each other loses.

Message to all.
We have not seen this level of ignorance and superstition on any world in eons of time. There is still time to straighten this mess up.

Some news from around the universe.
Einstein is still sharing his theories on other planets. Beethoven.

 Mozart and all the other great composers are still composing and sharing their music.

Steve Jobs is somewhere once again creating his Apple computer on some planet as backwards as this one was not too long ago.

All great individuals are either here or else where sharing their knowledge.

This is how the universe works, it is simple and highly efficient.

Message to all.
If you borrow something bring it back better than before.

Message to liberals and conservatives. 
Liberals watch CNN, conservatives watch FOX. How are you going to learn anything that way. No wonder your world just gets more screwed up everyday. Give each side a chance to teach you something.

Message to all.
Why is it that governments of what ever ilk, love to talk about ruling and governing? But very few, if any, talk about really serving their people.

Message to all.
The way to peace and harmony on your planet is to rid yourselves of all nationalistic tendencies and get rid of all of your ridiculous religions.  All 70,000 of them according to Google.

Message to all who voted for Donald Trump.
To have voted for him was not a bad thing, you were hoping for something better for yourself and your country. Unfortunately it is not working out.
If at this point in time you still support him then you have a serious mental condition and should get an evaluation as soon as possible to deal with this affliction.

Message to those who object to GMOs.
Do you eat bananas? If so, you are eating a genetically modified fruit. Do some research and you will find this out for yourself. There is a great mystery here, can you figure it out. Hint, the banana has no seeds!

Message to all nations.
If you have to steal ideas from others, you're not much of a nation. Stealing stuff from others will eventually bite you.

Message to automobile companies.
​Why do you not put all gas caps on the same side. It would alleviate problems at gas stations when there are lines.

Message to most of the world.
The Bible, the Koran, the Torah have absolutely nothing to do with the Supreme Being. The sooner you all realize this one fact  the better off your world will be!

Message to all.
In our many years of research and observation on your planet we have discovered the three worst religions ever in the history of your planet. They are Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Not one of those have anything remotely to do with the Supreme Being.  These three are the true abominations to your world. Nothing else remotely comes close. These three religions have done more harm on your planet than any other we can think of.
The problem is, they continue to cause harm and destruction all over the world today.
With a little thought and contemplation all of you should be able to come the same  conclusion!
Your world would be better of to be rid of these nonsensical religions.
Your religions are the only impediments to a world you all yearn for and rightly and richly deserve.
Some of the other religions have some minor issues, nothing that cannot be addressed with a little common sense.

Message to all.
Yaweh, Jehova, Allah and some of your other many gods, are no more the Supreme Being than the Easter Bunny.

Message to Trump, 
Pulling swamp creatures out of the swamp just so you republicans can have a win at the expense of the little people should even be beneath you and all of your republican henchman.
Any bill that has no bipartisan participation in does not have all of the American people in mind
Cancel this bill immediately and start over. If you do not do this the bill wil be the ruin of your party.