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In this section, we are going to give you some tried and true methods to assist you in solving various problems you may or may not encounter in your life.

Having trouble falling asleep?
The following process works because you are taking charge of your mind. The problem with not being able to sleep when you want to is because your mind is out of control, it is wound up about something. Your job is to take back control of your mind. The way to do this is to attempt to do this without the use of drugs. 
All you have to do is to say to yourself, "I wish to thank my mind for all the wonderful thoughts and ideas, I will deal with those at nine o'clock in the morning, the timing for this is entirely up to you. You will continue to repeat this phrase for as long as you need to. Eventually, you will fall asleep. In some cases, it will take some time but you will persevere.

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