"To find, create and promote the very best ideas for a more peaceful and harmonious planet."
We will present these notions in no particular order, they are the result of many years of study, experience and observation of your planet. It is an attempt at observing your world from a universal point of view.

The pope is infallible.
Where did this ridiculous idea come from? All you have to do is study the history of the Catholic Church and you will find out that they were just as fallible as the rest of you. For those who need to find out more about this, we encourage you to read Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled Volumes I and II. Excellent reading for those seeking answers.

Bowing or curtsying to someone, a king, a queen or some holy figure.
Why do you do that? We have actually seen people bow down before the pope and the head of the Greek Orthodox Church and kiss his hand. This is absurd. If the Supreme Being does not require you to bow down and worship Him (and He doesn't), why do you feel you have to bow down and worship lesser beings than He. Respect yes, worship of any person on this planet, no, it is demeaning for you to be subservient to any one. There are exceptions to this of course, in some cultures as in Japan, for instance, they have the custom of bowing to each other as a greeting with mutual respect. The more we think about this custom, perhaps humanity should adopt this practice instead of shaking hands. We are sure there would be a lot fewer germs being passed around.

In our Messages to the World, one of the first messages to all of humanity is for all of you to stand tall, be proud of yourselves, bow down to no one or no thing. In the scope of things, you all have a right to be here and enjoy what this planet has to offer, without harming it. You should always keep in mind that none of you are better than someone else and just as importantly, none of you are less than someone else.

Eternal damnation of the soul.
For those who have uttered these ridiculous words, we can say without any doubt that they have no clue as to the nature of the Supreme Being and the laws of the universe. Consider this, you have a soul or spirit, there are many names for it. It is the thing that gives your body life that which animates you. It is also that which leaves the physical body when death occurs. This is a form of energy and Einstein says "energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only transmute". You (your soul) has always existed and will always exist in one form or another.

The Supreme Being, being very very large, and smarter than the average bear, (there appears to be many of you who disagree with that) is big enough to allow a soul as many lifetimes he or she needs to atone for all the bad things they might have done in the past. Hitler for example, will have millions of lifetimes to atone for what he did. To a lesser degree, someone like Bernie Madoff will have many lifetimes to repay his debts. To sum up, you have many chances with the Supreme Being, and it appears only one with orthodox religion. Just so you all realize, all wrongs will be righted at some time in your existence.

Taking drugs to get high.
This, in reality, is an oxymoron, for people already high on life drugs, will pull you down. So it must be that people who need drugs are down and take them to feel better. Our sense of people on drugs is that they are in pain and are taking drugs to avoid the pain. We will be offering various tools to assist people to get them to the point of less pain.

The notion that religious leaders are somehow more connected to the Supreme Being then the average man and woman on the street.
This is not true, all creatures exist equally within the body of the Supreme Being. Have you forgotten the fact that besides being omnipotent, omniscient, He is also omnipresent? This is a little fact your religious leaders either keep forgetting or don't quite know how to deal with.

The idea of killing an individual in the name of some religion and that person will somehow be rewarded by the Supreme Being.
How absurd can you get? You keep forgetting that, to the Supreme Being, it makes not one iota of difference what a person believes. Those who have others do these acts will be held responsible for their actions as will those who actually commit these crimes against any child or children of the Supreme Being. How far will you take this stupid idea? Will you be satisfied when you kill everyone on the planet for your god?

The idea that for whatever reason the Supreme Being chose a particular race as His chosen people, then to top it off gave them a land where others were already living.
Aren't we all His children? Perhaps it is time for the Jewish nation to revisit this silly idea, this may help in settling the ridiculous quarrels in the Middle East. Perhaps it is time for all parties involved to grow up and stop acting like children.

The notions of heaven, hell, and purgatory.
Stupid, in Messages from the Supreme being we clearly state that heaven is for the living, not for the dead. Hell and purgatory cannot exist without the express consent of the Supreme Being, as He is after all omnipresent, where would hell be in that scenario?

The notion that a human being can somehow offend the Supreme Being.
This is not only ridiculous it is extremely arrogant for anyone to think that something they do will have an effect on the Supreme Being one way or the other. An individual could blow up the entire planet and it would not affect the Supreme Being. Just as you do not notice the death of a cell in your body the same holds true for the Supreme Being. If however, someone were to destroy the planet and all its inhabitants, he would then have to deal with about 7 billion souls who quite understandably will be very upset. Now you have some serious problems.

The notion of there being a devil, Satan or evil force making people do terrible things.
There are a few things wrong with this line of thinking. If Satan does exist, where would he live, and if there is some place he lives it would have to be by the permission of the Supreme Being, which means that He is allowing the devil to live within Him knowing the devil is going to make life miserable for you. This makes no sense whatsoever. The other thing you notice right away right about this ridiculous notion is, he's really not very good at this evil business nor is he very efficient at turning people to do his bidding. The percentage of people who are supposedly working with the devil is extremely small. We feel based on all of our research you can throw that notion out of the window.

Yes, we do agree that people do terrible things to each other but this has nothing to do with the existence of a so called devil.

The notion that the Supreme Being requires worship from His children.
This is unequivocally not true, it would be the same as you requiring the cells in your body to bow down and worship you. It is the same difference with the Supreme Being. He is the Macrocosm, you are the microcosm. (Study Hermes laws when you get a chance).

That supplicating yourself a number of times every day is somehow a requirement by the Supreme Being.
Nothing could be further from the truth, but it would appear that someone or something not only wants this adoration but also demands it. If not the Supreme Being then who?

The notion that the Supreme Being actually required animal sacrifices.
We're not even going to go into this one because of its sheer stupidity, but perhaps someone was hungry? We wonder who.that may have been?

The notion that the Supreme Being sent His only begotten son to die for your sins.
We are not sure into what category we should put this one in, let's just say the idea borders on insanity. Someone didn't get their facts right on this one. It is mind boggling to think there are some 1.5 billion people who accept this notion. Have any of you ever heard the notion of personal responsibility and the brilliant idea of reincarnation?

There is no need for anyone to die for your sins. Besides, you're not big enough to sin against the Supreme Being and any acts you commit against your fellow man and your planet will be dealt with quite effectively in some of your next lives depending on the gravity of these acts. Don't you think the Supreme Being would have a good plan for that possibility? Here is another one of those notions where you're trying to make the Supreme Being look foolish.

This is the very reason you have so many atheists in your midst. Can't blame them for thinking what they are thinking, can we? Any sane thinking person would automatically be able to see that this notion makes no sense whatsoever.

Praying to Jesus.
We have it from a very high authority that Jesus would like you to stop this habit because it's keeping him from doing bigger and better things in the universe. Jesus would also like to apologize to all of you for letting things get so out of hand two thousand years ago. He has realized that he got a little carried away with his own self-importance and that was what got him crucified. No one has to go through him to get to the Supreme Being.

Buy American.
This is another one of those ideas that on the surface sounds good. A closer look at this idea reveals a problem. The idea here we are assuming is that Americans need jobs, in order to have jobs Americans are supposed to buy goods made in America, this of course will help the middle class who in turn will once again buy homes that are way too big for them and will buy things that they don't really need. On the other hand, by doing this the people in other countries will lose their jobs and once again live in poverty.

Where is it written that Americans have a greater right to a high standard of living than other nations around the world? One of the news anchors on Fox was bragging about the living standard you have in America. My question to that, is at whose expense? Do you think it is because of what you believe that you are more entitled than others? Perhaps you have forgotten the simple fact that all people on your planet are children of the Supreme Being and have an equal right to share in the gifts this planet has to offer. Perhaps it would be a good idea for Americans (and the rest of the industrialized nations) to curb their appetites until the rest of the world catches up. This is a suggestion, for your sake, we hope you are listening.

Shiites killing Sunnis or Sunnis killing Shiites.
From a universal point of view, this makes no sense at all. Why do you do this? Do you enjoy killing innocent men, women, and children over something that happened so many years ago? Isn't it enough to know you are all children of the Supreme Being?

Ordering fatwas. A very bad idea in the long run. So someone made fun of something or another in your religion. In the section Messages from the Supreme Being note what the first item is. "I can take a joke, I can be made fun of, I can be criticized and you can also blaspheme me to your heart's content and no harm will ever come to you because of your actions". So what god are you working for?

Holy wars.
You don't like what someone else believes now you have to start a holy war. The Supreme Being does not need any one to fight for Him. The only holy war any person should be fighting is his own personal Jihad.

Irish Catholics killing Irish Protestants.
Ranks right up there with the Muslim traditions doesn't it? Some of these are so ridiculous we are not going to waste time explaining them.

Christians who think they are better than Muslims.
No comment the absurdity of this speaks for it self.

Muslims who think they are better than Christians..
No comment. Same as above.

Atheists who appear to think they know for a fact that no god exists.
Perhaps like all other religions, they do not realize all the information is not in yet.

Jews who think they are special and think that their god promised them a land of milk and honey.
How stupid is that? Making the Supreme Being look stupid again, aren't you?

Buying your way into heaven.
It is surprising how many people still think that if you give enough money to a church you can somehow buy your way into heaven. This is pretty stupid for the person trying to do that, good for the church though, they get more money.

The Supreme Being punishes bad people and rewards good people. Neither is correct the Supreme Being does not have to do any of that, He was smart enough to set it up so that He could stay neutral. That's why He created the law of reincarnation. This way a body of your peers will judge you and determine where and what your next incarnation will be. Pretty clever wouldn't you say?

On the notion of free will.
This is a notion not very well understood by you, initially, all souls have free will, you can pretty much do as you please in this universe, go to this planet or another or perhaps to an another dimension and continue to do so for as long as the universe exists. Your free will ceases immediately when you hurt others in any way and when you harm the planet. If and when this occurs you will be directed where you must go to begin atoning for your misdeeds. None of this is complicated, yet you have managed to make it so. Religious leaders are somewhat like lawyers who have managed to make everything more complicated than it really is.

The ridiculous notion that everything about the Supreme Being can be contained in just a few "holy books.
We think we will put this in the really dumb category and shows how little understanding of the Supreme Being your religious leaders have. The truth of the matter is more like this, according to Google there are roughly 130 million books in print at this time. If a person were to read all of those books and maybe wait around for another trillion years or so you might begin to understand the true nature of the Supreme Being.

There are some who believe that they feel, at times, disconnected from the Supreme Being.
This is a stupid notion because of the simple fact that the Supreme Being is omnipresent, which means that He is everywhere at the same time. Much like the cells in your body, you are in them as much as they are in you and your spirit is what holds the whole body together and gives it life. The same notion applies to the Supreme Being. It is the spirit of the Supreme Being that holds the universe together and gives it life. Perhaps this spirit is the dark matter your physicists predict exists. Can you see your spirit? You are in Him and He is in you for as long as the universe exists and most likely then we will create a new game. We can speculate more on this at a later time.

The notion of getting away with something.
There seem to be many souls on your planet, who have the mistaken notion that they can get away with crimes against their fellow man. Once again we have seen that same arrogant notion that they in some way are smarter than the Supreme Being and proceed conducting their lives accordingly. Even if you manage to elude the laws on your planet, at the point of your death you will have to answer for your misdeeds. Perhaps it would be advisable for you to become familiar with the Akashic records. You can find out more about this subject in the book "Many Mansions: Edgar Cayce's Story of Reincarnation": by Gina Cermina. By the way, crimes against the planet will be handled pretty much the same way. For those who willfully ruin the planet and make a mess of it, perhaps for your next life, you will have to do what the little robot WALL-E had to do.
All day long clean, clean and clean some more. A just learning lesson for anyone who dirties up mother earth wouldn't you say?

For those of you who doubt that such a recording device exists would only have to mention the ideas Steve Jobs came up with. Same principle only the Akashic recorder is on a much bigger scale.

The notion of stealing from people and not having to face the consequences of your actions.
You will be caught eventually, perhaps in this lifetime or the next, sooner or later you will have to pay the piper.

Beheading someone for witchcraft and sorcery.
This is another one that is so beyond any rationality, that it boggles our minds. It is obvious that those who gave that order do not realize that there is no devil, therefore witchcraft and sorcery are not applicable in this situation. With so many of these strange ideas, it is hard to fathom why there are so many Muslims in your world.

We will stop here for the time being. We have much, much more for you to read and think about.