"To find, create and promote the very best ideas for a more peaceful and harmonious planet."

To help mankind get to world peace, we have placed the words “World Peace” in the arrows for you, the other arrows are there for you to use for your own personal growth.

This poster is the result of many years of study and research. The principles of achieving any goal in life are based upon universal laws. These laws, when used correctly by an individual or many individuals, can and will bring the results you want in life to you. When you set goals you are taking charge of your mind and giving direction to your life. In many cases you need only to ask for something and sometimes it will just come to you. Other goals, which you would like to achieve in life, will require some activity on your part in the way of study and training.

The idea behind goal setting is to utilize your mind, through repetition, to assist you in getting the most out of life. This is the purpose of your poster. Keep in mind as you follow the instructions that some items will come to you without having to do anything; others will require some effort, the more you think about your goals the greater the chances are that you will reach them.

When you set a goal you are in essence sending out a request, and there is someone or something with a corresponding need to give you what you want. By setting a goal you will be more alert to an opportunity when it arrives. Many people, because they haven’t asked, are so unaware that when opportunity comes knocking on their front door, they are in the back yard looking for four leaf clovers. As the instructions say: IF YOU DON’T ASK YOU DON’T GET! The process is really that simple.

The most important thing for you to remember is that you and everything else around you started with a thought. The car you drive, the house you live in, your television, the furniture you sit in. All the skyscrapers you see around the world, even the universe itself was once a thought held by the Supreme Being. A thought is a  thing, your Imagination is what brings it into being. To build a skyscraper many minds have to think together to complete the project world peace is no different. Peace just requires a few more minds to accomplish.

You may be wondering about the words “World Peace” on four of the arrows. This is for those of you who desire world peace. What good will achieving our personal goals be if we do not achieve the ultimate goal of world peace? The principle here is the same as for your own personal goals. The difference is that you will be contributing your thoughts (energy) with that of many others and depending on how many people around the globe contribute their thoughts (energy) we can get the desired results. Even though you may not quite understand the process, it can work as surely as the laws of gravity. The more you dwell on World Peace the faster it will occur.

For those of you who are ready to participate with this process, there are things you can do, tell your friends with computers about these tools. Then download the poster with the instructions, make copies and give them to those individuals who don't own a computer. In the case of achieving world peace more is definitely better. 

We have a few more ideas for this process to help you get there faster.

As it stands today we have created a large balloon and filled it with negative energy. The longer humanity puts energy into that balloon, the inevitable results will be that this balloon will burst and there is a point in time where this cannot be reversed. What humanity wants humanity gets!

There is another balloon, we can call this the peace balloon, this balloon is pretty much empty, it is laying on the ground, not enough energy going into it. The trick is how do we get the peace balloon off the ground? You can do this by utilizing the poster, as you begin using your poster along with millions or billions of others. You are in essence 'thinking' world peace into existence. Universal law dictates that when enough thought (energy) has been put into the peace balloon it will fly and no power on this planet can stop it.   

To be against war solves nothing because you are still giving energy to war. To be for peace you change the direction towards peace.